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Optional Granny Flat Accessories

Port Container Services have the best granny flat engineers that design and construct granny flat solutions to suit your requirments. Our modified shipping container products, such as our granny flats, can be fitted with numerous shipping container accessories. Look through the below list of granny flat accessories to fit out your new or used shipping container.

Container Security Lock Box

Security Lock Box

Keep the contents of your shipping container safe and secure by installing a high strength container security lock box. A security lock box is recommended if you are intending to store valuable goods in your shipping container for long or short term hire.

Painted Shipping Container

Fully Painted Exterior

A fresh coat of paint will make your used shipping container look great and last longer. There are a variety of shipping container colours to select from which include:
Red Oxide, Blue, Brown, Green and Grey.

Shipping Container Vent

Shipping Container Vent

Circulates airflow through your shipping container. Two vents are recommended for suitable airflow.

Shipping Container Whirlybird

Container Whirlybird

Helps circulate airflow through your shipping container and they work great with vents.

Container Ventilation Package

Vent & Whirlybird Package

More airflow at a discounted price. 1 x Whirlybird, 2 x vents.

SHipping Container Shelving

Secure Heavy Duty Shelving

Install secure heavy duty shelving in your shipping container for easy shipping of goods. Helps maximise storage and keeps items organised. Available in 1,2,3 and 4 tier shelving.

container doors

Shipping Container Personnel Doors

Install side access personnel doors for easy access to your shipping container. Three different container personnel doors available upon request.
- Flush fit personnel door with deadlock
- Heavy Duty personnel door with deadlock
- Heavy Duty personnel door with push bar

Shipping Container doors

Additional Shipping Container Doors

Extra container doors for side and rear access.
- Single container door (1.2m)
- Double container door (2.4m)

Shipping Container Insulation

Shipping Container Insulation

Insulation helps reduce noise & temperature in your shipping container.
(50mm double sided panel)

Shipping Container Windows

Shipping Container Windows

Increases light and airflow in your shipping container. (1200mm x 900mm). Three different types of windows upon request.
- Standard Container Window
- Window with security grill
- Window with shutters

Container Air Conditioner

Container Air Conditioner.

Split system A/C in recessed box. Cools your shipping container, suitable in site sheds, workshops and accommodation unit containers.

Container Power

Basic Electrical Fitout

15amp inlet & 20amp safety switch, one light and one double 10amp outlet with steel tagging.

Additional Electrics
- Phone & Data

For more shipping container accessories, request a quote for one of our specialised container products and we will send you out a price guide for all our shipping container accessories.


Port Container Services specialise in modified shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Granny Flats, Site Sheds, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today.


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