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Open Top Containers

Port Container Services supply high quality new and used open top containers for sale across the country. Our experience sales team can help you find the right open top shipping container for your needs, and are able to give you a competitive price on our 20' open top containers. We can arrange to deliver our open top shipping containers directly to your door either by tilt tray or side loaing trucks. For an up-to date price on our open top containers, please fill in our open top container quote form.

Open top container quote - Storage containers sales and hire

Open Top Storage Containers

What are Open Top Shipping Containers?
Open top shipping containers are similar to your standard shipping container though with one additional feature - open top shipping containers have a removable roof. Open top shipping containers have a heavy duty tarpaulin cover instead of a roof allowing easy top loading if required. The tarpaulin has reinforced steel eyelets and high strength steel wire that connects to the top of the open top shipping container. Open top shipping containers are water tight and vermin proof when secured correctly, so they are ideal for long or short term shipping. Open top shipping containers are strong as they are built from high quality steel components and can withstand harsh Australian conditions.Our open top shipping containers also feature hard timber flooring and double swing doors that are lockable. A lock box can also be fitted to your open top shipping container for extra security.

New and Used Open Top Shipping Containers For Sale
Port Container Services supply new open top containers for sale, but if you're on a budget we also have used open top containers for sale also. Our used open top shipping containers are refurbished to near new conditions, though we also have shipping containers straight off the stack at competitive prices. We supply new and used open top shipping containers to Councils, The Defence Force, Government Departments and also the general public.

Open Top Shipping Container Hire
We also have an open top shipping container hire option for those who are not looking to buy an open top container outright. We can deliver a 20' open top container or 40' open top container for hire directly to your door, and they are available for long or short term hire.

Open Top Shipping Container Sizes
Open top containers come in two standard sizes 20' open top containers and 40' open top containers. Below you can find details on our open top shipping containers.

Open Top Shipping Container Sizes

Port Container Services specialise in modified shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Granny Flats, Site Sheds, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today.


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